911 refection

Picture of 9/119/11was unlike any other day.People were boarding flights,Going to Stores,Droping their children at School and all that kind of stuff.Four flights   were going to L.A. and 2 planes ran into the Twin Towers.The first in the North Tower then the second in the South Tower.The first plane was hijacked basically in mid-flight .When people figured out about the hijack they each started sharing phones to call home,crying and all that stuff.Same for the second and third plane,just the third plane was ran into the Pentagon.But the fourth,oh the fourth, this one made people smile .People on the fourth plane were brave enough to RISK THEIR LIVES to save them and everyone else.They knew that the were probably going to die,but they alone got to choose how.BY FIGHTING.Dun Dun Duuuuuun.The plane was taken over by four men as is all of the plane hijackes but these people were liers they put a cardboard box around someone and called it a bomb.Phonies!!!The plane was crashed after the Cockpit was taken over and the Pilot and Co-Pilot were murdered by the hijackers and the passengers broke the locked Cockpit  door. The plane crashed in the middle of a Somerset Country in Pennsylvania it was a horrible day to hear about, but then it got me  thinking…

WHY?!? Comment your thoughts please                            -Mykey .F.   P.S.(I may not answer questions )


My Pumpkin Patch

    The old,tiny red house had an awesome, beautiful ,colorful orange pumpkin patch. The pumpkins were a bunch of different colors but most of them were a light shade of orange. The sky was a beautiful shade of light blue. The trees were long and leafless. The ground was covered in piles of bright orange and dark brown leaves. It was the perfectly windy day to pick some pumpkins. So we did.

The End

Yours truly,

Mykey  F

Life In 5th Grade

In the morning you can talk for a little bit and you read and have Hall Meetings. Ok let’s talk about the teachers first. They are super duper awesome. They are so much fun, Mrs.McFall teaches history, Mrs.Owens teaches reading, Mrs.Brantley teaches math, Mrs.Ummel teaches a lot of things like math, spelling, English Language Arts and maybe even more, and last but absolutely Mr.Mcbride or Mr.Mac for short. He teaches Science. He  can wiggle his ears and makes jokes all of the time. In Mrs.Owens homeroom  you go to Mrs. Brantley for one hour first, then you go to Mrs.Owens for one hour, then you go to Mrs.Ummel for 45 minutes. After you go to Mrs.Ummel for the 45 minutes you go to enhancements.After enhancements you go to lunch then recess. You don’t get extra recess like you do in 3rd and 4th which is a little sad. After recess you go back to Mrs.Ummel’s class and are there for another 15 minutes and you then switch to Mr.Mac’s class and are there for an hour. You then will go to Mrs.Mcfall’s class and after that you go home. And on Friday you go to each class for 45 minutes and go to lunch In Mr.Mac’s room and you go to each class for 45 minutes because of Fun Friday clubs. I’m in Art.

Yours truly,