Colonial Occupations– Apothecary

Dear Diary.

I woke up this morning while my husband was in the field and I had a loaf of corn bread. Then I grabed my Mortar and my Pestle and started grinding my herbs. A young woman who looked like she had just gotten married had just walked in my house and asked me to put some leeches on her arms and legs because she was so swollen! Afterwards she payed me 300 pounds for some leeches and some herbs. Then RIGHT AFTER the woman had walked out a hurt man came fast-walking in and sat his rump in my mixing chair while I was getting a book! How rude was that. Soon he told me that I needed to bleed him. He said he would pay me 5,000 POUNDS. I took the challenge and I bleed him. I told him that with all of the pounds that I got today, we could buy a HOUSE! Plus my salary of 14 pounds! My husband will be SO PROUD! Now I shall speak in you tomorrow I must now go feed the pigs, cook dinner, and clean up all of the blood from the bleeding and the leeches.

A Girl in the business, Massuchuesetts

Colonial Leaders

Who is Weetamoo?

Skilled hunter

Skilled swimmer

Lead an army of more than 3 hundred men

Joined King Phillips in the war of King Philip.

Governed the Pocasset tribe

Dressed like any other leader (Jewelry exc.)

Drowned in the Taunton River trying to get away from the English — 1676

Guarded Mary Rowlandson during her captivity — 1675

Allied with Metacom during his war against the colonists — 1675 — 1676

That is Weetamoo!

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                               Mykey .F.

The Mummy and the Moon

“The girl has woken up!” said the Scientist.”She deserves to be ERASED from existence!” said his assistant. The Mummy’s Best friends were on the White Oak High school volleyball team. She was killed in a car accident. Her team and family were going to have a memorial for her, but no one ever found her. Except for a group of Mummies. The group decided to wrap her up with all of the toilet paper that they had. The group of Mummies took the girl to the Scientist. Well all except for one Mummy. His name was Braddock, and he was a SCAREDY MUMMY! One day when he was human, his mom and dad where VERY sick, so Braddock took them to the “friendly” scientist. Or so they thought! The Scientist was actually VERY mean. He “accidently” turned his parents to stone. They got planted in the graveyard. While the other Mummies were at the Scientist’s lair, Braddock felt a GIGANTIC shock! Then he just, started running! After a while he stopped. He turned around and found his parents statue! And then…..                                                                                    What Should come next? Comment below what should happen Happy Halloween BOO!


White Oak only has homecoming every three years. This year was a REALLY good year to have it!!! Why? Because it’s my fifth grade year! My last year in intermediate!  The Homecoming pep-rally was AMAZING, the queen was Payton Palmer (Yay Payton). And they were selling Blizzards from Dairy Queen! And the reason why Homecoming is only every three years is because, when World War ll was going on it was the same year as our Homecoming! Because so many people decided that they would go fight in in the war the principals I guess just didn’t want to celebrate without them. I guess since the war took like THREE YEARS that that’s how long they took to celebrate Homecoming. My teacher (Mr.McBride) said that he guesses that they still hold it every three years to keep the tradition going!!! Well that’s how it was this year for my school! How is (was) yours different??? Tell me in the comments please. Thanks, bye!

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                               Mykey .F.

911 refection

Picture of 9/119/11was unlike any other day.People were boarding flights,Going to Stores,Droping their children at School and all that kind of stuff.Four flights   were going to L.A. and 2 planes ran into the Twin Towers.The first in the North Tower then the second in the South Tower.The first plane was hijacked basically in mid-flight .When people figured out about the hijack they each started sharing phones to call home,crying and all that stuff.Same for the second and third plane,just the third plane was ran into the Pentagon.But the fourth,oh the fourth, this one made people smile .People on the fourth plane were brave enough to RISK THEIR LIVES to save them and everyone else.They knew that the were probably going to die,but they alone got to choose how.BY FIGHTING.Dun Dun Duuuuuun.The plane was taken over by four men as is all of the plane hijackes but these people were liers they put a cardboard box around someone and called it a bomb.Phonies!!!The plane was crashed after the Cockpit was taken over and the Pilot and Co-Pilot were murdered by the hijackers and the passengers broke the locked Cockpit  door. The plane crashed in the middle of a Somerset Country in Pennsylvania it was a horrible day to hear about, but then it got me  thinking…

WHY?!? Comment your thoughts please                            -Mykey .F.   P.S.(I may not answer questions )


My Pumpkin Patch

    The old,tiny red house had an awesome, beautiful ,colorful orange pumpkin patch. The pumpkins were a bunch of different colors but most of them were a light shade of orange. The sky was a beautiful shade of light blue. The trees were long and leafless. The ground was covered in piles of bright orange and dark brown leaves. It was the perfectly windy day to pick some pumpkins. So we did.

The End

Yours truly,

Mykey  F