MLK Service

Martin Luther King Jr., was a man that  served not for himself, but for other people. He was african american and just beacause of his skin he and everyone else who looked different from white people were treated differently. They had to drink out of horrible water fountains, while white people got the good water fountains. They had to hand wash their own clothes, while white people got to drop off the clothes at the washer and drier places. They had to go to a different school and learn different things then white people did ,and that just crosses a line. Which is why ME as a white person DID something that I don’t know is representing any thing but I with my Great Uncle recycled 44 pounds of tin soda cans on Martin Luther King Jr. day! I am SO proud and happy that we had people great enough and good enough like:                    Rosa Parks, and Ruby Bridges and ESPECIALY Martin Luther King Jr. who saved people from harm!

I request for YOU to do something helpful this month even though it is the end of it. Even if that means doing an extra chore, or praying extra for something happy to happen, or maybe even letting your mom or dad rest and YOU yes YOU do that one special thing for them like making breakfast or recycling thats what I did.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mykey.F.

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